The Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations requires LPNs and RNs to have a State of Illinois and FBI level criminal records fingerprint background check performed as part of his/her licensing requirements. We submit your fingerprints to the Illinois State Police and they are then sent to the FBI for processing. The results are then sent to the appropriate agency with the IDFPR. Typically, the IDFPR receives the results within 24-48 hours.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or are transferring your LPN/RN license, we can assure you that we will make this portion of the licensing process the easiest part for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at one of our numerous facilities.

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We have attached a direct link to the ILDPR for your convenience:

Physician and Chiropractic License Fingerprinting

Effective February 3, 2015, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR) began requiring a State and FBI fingerprint based background check for individual’s applying for a physician or chiropractic physician license.

Do you need to get fingerprinted for a physician or chiropractic license in Illinois? BioMetric Impressions is here to help you with your fingerprinting needs!! We use the latest live scan fingerprint technology to capture your fingerprint records data and then we transmit your file to the IDFPR. The IDFPR will normally receive your fingerprint background check within 24-48hrs. We have a number locations in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Give us a call today and “Find Out Why We’re the Best.”

Are you unsure if you need to be fingerprinted?

We have placed a useful link below:

Illinois Chiropractic License Fingerprinting Information

Identified Offender Program

Have you called a company to come to your facility and they did not treat your residents with the care and respect that he/she deserves? Are you paying too much to have a fingerprint vendor to come to your facility? Do they charge you different set-up fees depending on where you need your resident to be fingerprinted? Are you finding that your vendor is not helping you comply with your 72-hour window? If you answered any of these questions with a “yes” then you need to contact BioMetric Impressions.

We pride ourselves on treating every resident with dignity and respect. When you put that together with the lowest prices, you cannot go wrong. We provide fingerprinting for multi-hits and the Identified Offenders Program. We have established prices that have not changed since the establishment of the Identified Offenders Program and we look forward to having your business.

Do you have your Identified Offender Checklist from the Department of Public Health? If you don’t, give us a call and let us help you out!

Clinical Site Fingerprinting or Fingerprinting for Clinicals

Is your school sending you to a clinical site? Do they need you to be fingerprinted and provide them with the results? We’ve got you covered! We understand that money is an issue with college students which is why BioMetric Impressions is proud of its affordable and accurate fingerprinting services.

Call us today and take one step closer to obtaining your degree by submitting your clinical fingerprint criminal history background check through us! If you don’t receive anything in the mail within 10 business days, give us a call and we will check on the status with the Illinois State Police.

Medical School Matriculants Fingerprinting

An individual who is conditionally admitted as a student to a public medical school located in Illinois is required to have a State of Illinois and FBI fingerprint records background check completed. Has your organization had problems receiving results that has delayed your ability to accept students for enrollment? Are you a private medical school that didn’t know you could receive Illinois State Police fingerprint criminal records information? We can help!! Give our office a call and let us show you how we can help solve your schools fingerprinting needs.

Effective immediately, (as of October 13, 2017) pursuant to 225 ILCS 65/80-40 & 50-35, Illinois applicants for Licensed Medication Aide (LMA) must submit fingerprints to the Illinois State Police (ISP) for the purpose of obtaining state and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal history record information. In order to qualify for an LMA license in Illinois, you need to already be an Illinois certified nursing assistant (CNA). There are other steps that need to be completed and those can be seen by looking at the LMA application. We can assure you that we will make the fingerprint portion of the application the easiest step for you. Call us today and find out why we’re the best!