Chicago Public Chauffeur Live Scan Fingerprinting

Biometric Impressions is a proud live scan fingerprint vendor for Chicago’s chauffeurs. We fingerprint for taxi drivers, cabs, private chauffeurs, horse drawn carriages, pedicabs and livery services. We have the lowest cost with the best customer service there is to offer. Visit us today and we will have you in and out in less than 10 minutes.

How to Apply for a Chicago Public Chauffer License Requirements

  1. Be at least 21 years old
  2. A drivers license
  3. A clean driving record
  4. Complete training from Training Institute of Public Chauffer
  5. Must pass a written test, physical test and criminal background check
  6. Apply for Public Chauffeur License at the Public Vehicle Operations Facility

Taxi  Application Documents

For additional information visit the City of Chicago’s official website.

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State of Illinois UCIA Fingerprint Background Checks

Do you have a clinical facility that wants you to obtain a criminal clearance? Do you need to work /travel aboard and the host country would like you to have a State level background check and criminal records report? BioMetric Impressions is here to help!!

The Illinois State Police allow individuals to obtain a personal criminal record under the Uniform Conviction Information Act. We will take your fingerprints and submit them to the Illinois State Police and the Illinois State Police will mail your individual records report within 5 – 10 business days. Do you need your Illinois UCIA fingerprint background check record’s report faster? Most of the time, you can pick up your report at the Illinois State Police Joliet Office within 24-48 hours. “Find Out Why We’re the Best.” Give us a call tody!!

Local Liquor Licensing Fingerprinting

Many local municipalities control the liquor license process. Does your local police department have the time and resources to get off the street to fingerprint for a liquor license or would their time be better served in the public?

BioMetric Impressions Corp helps your local police department do what they do best, which is protect the public. Let us show you how we have made numerous local governments save their valuable resources. We are here to help!!

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Park District/ School District Employee Fingerprinting

Have you realized that your Regional Office of Education is giving you more rejected fingerprints instead of good, which has caused your hiring to slowdown or has it has caused an inconvenience for your staff? It is a common problem and doesn’t result in any cost savings for your organization. BioMetric Impressions has the perfect solution for you and we guarantee we will probably save your Park District or School District money. Let us show you how!! We are a leader of the industry and with our ability to come to you, fingerprinting could not be made any simpler!!

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Local/State Government Fingerprinting

Are you a local or state agency that needs to have your employees, liquor license candidates or other fingerprinted for a background check. Have you been paying fees or allowing your staff or local police department fingerprint people only to find that the person errors via quality or some other reason. Sometimes, you just don’t have the staff or you need to reduce your budget. Fortunately, we are here to help. Our team of trained professionals can come to your locations for hiring events or we can establish a location to help reduce costs for you agency. As a veteran/minority business that supports local communities, we should be your first and last call. Please contact us for additional information. We will enjoy showing you how we can help!!!

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Vehicle Dealership Licensing Fingerprinting

Are you applying for a vehicle dealership license through the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and you need to submit your fingerprint background check? We are here to help!! We have numerous locations throughout the State to make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

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We have attached instructions from the Illinois Secretary of State for your review and convenience below:

Instructions for Dealer License

Contact our office for additional information.

Tow Truck Company Owners (TTC) and Tow Truck Drivers (TTD)

Are you a tow-truck driver or tow-truck company owner? When it comes to situations from car troubles to emergency response, Biometric Impressions Corporation knows that tow-trucks are critical tools on America’s roadways. That is why we offer fingerprint-based background checks for tow-truck drivers (TTD) and tow-truck company owners (TTC). We want tow-truck drivers and tow-truck company owners on the road, rather than waiting on fingerprint results. That is why our fingerprint services are accurate and get sent the same day, as we recognize your time and skills are invaluable. Whether you need a State Level fingerprint-based background check or your fingerprints sent to an Illinois State Police Towing District, we have you covered! 

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