Security fingerprints

Private Investigators:

Are you looking to become a private investigator?  

Private investigators have the responsibility to maintain ethical standards and strictly adhere to the law. Furthermore, you must be of 18 years of age with “good moral character” to obtain a class “C” or “CC” license (per Florida State Statute 493.6106 [1]). With such high expectations for Florida private investigators, you will need a trusted live scan fingerprint vendor that provides fingerprints for background checks at an affordable cost. This is where BioMetric Impressions Corp. can help you become not only a private investigator, but also a recovery school instructor, manager of a private Investigator agency, and much more! 

To find out more information on the process of obtaining your private investigator license, please visit the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service’s dedicated page.

Security Officers:

Security officers are in high demand and BioMetric Impressions Corp. is here to help you protect and serve others. As required by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), every applicant for security license must submit a complete set of legible fingerprintsAs one of the most trusted livescan fingerprint vendors in Florida, we provide quick and easy service for those pursuing a career in security. The FDACS advises that once your fingerprints are completed by one of our licensed livescan fingerprint technicians, your application should be submitted within 90 days. This will avoid any complications or additional expenses and allows the application process to go smoother. For more information on obtaining your class “D” security officer license visit here. 

Do you or someone else need to be fingerprinted to become a security officer?  

If so, we can assist you!

Florida Security School and Instructor Licenses:

Fingerprints for Florida security school licenses and security officer instructors may now be completed with BioMetric Impressions Corp.! At an affordable cost and with easy processing, becoming a security officer instructor can be a reality with proper fingerprint-based background results. Did you know that a Security officer instructor should have prior experience working as an officer in order to obtain their instructors’ license? You can get more information about this process, here 

If you are starting a security school or are looking to become a security instructor, let us help you! Get your fingerprints done exactly the way you need them, in order to obtain the license you are seeking.  

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Florida Division of Securities: 

Securing your valuables is important. Even more critical is verifying that those who are securing your goods are well-equipped to do so. In Florida, this responsibility falls on the Division of Securities. Following the creation of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act in 1990 (FL Statutes 517.011-517.32), the Division of Securities oversees all security sales in Florida. Their goals are countering fraudulent activity by unlicensed security firms and promoting economic growth through protected trade. The Florida Division of Securities is further divided into two bureaus, both of which are required to fingerprint all of their employees. Whether you join the Bureau of Registration or Bureau of Enforcement, you will first need to register on their website, before getting your fingerprint-based background check.  

This is where BioMetric Impressions Corp. can help you! We are the industry leader for livescan fingerprint services in Illinois and Iowa. Now, bring the same high service standard to our clients in Florida. Our fingerprint technicians and customer service team are happy to help you begin, continue, or complete your admission to the Florida Division of Securities! 

Note: Please see the homepage of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation for FAQ and other helpful details. 

Florida name change

Name Changes:

Per Florida state statute 68.07, all applicants for a name change must undergo a fingerprint-based background check. These background checks can be completed only by FL-licensed, live scan vendors. As a company that works closely with the FL Department of Law Enforcement, Biometric Impressions Corp. confidently works to achieve the most accurate and efficient fingerprints possible.

Stop into our office, or give us a call today. This process may take up to two months, please plan accordingly!

Note: All name changes in FL require a court hearing except for restoration of former names (maiden, etc). If you were recently married, your marriage certificate is required.

*Minors: In all FL counties, a copy of your certified birth certificate must accompany the below forms to change your name.

  1. To start the FL name change process, you must have: lived in FL for at least 6 months, have a valid state ID or driver’s license, and not have a current suspension of your civil rights.
    1. If you are completing the subsequent paperwork with someone who is not a lawyer, you must fill out a Disclosure From Nonlawyer Form.
  2. Fill out:
    1. A Cover Sheet (so courts know how to file your case)
    2. A Limitation of Services form (an acknowledgment that court clerks are not your lawyers)
    3. A Notice of Related Cases (if you have other pending cases or not, it is still a good idea to fill out)
    4. A Final Judgement form (to be filled out by a judge with their ruling)
    5. A Final Disposition form (so the courts can file your case by outcome).
  3. Fill out a Petition for Change of Name, that is signed and notarized.
  4. Pay the Petition Filing Fee by cash, check, or card for the county clerk’s office. Payment plans and waivers are available.
  5. Each FL county has different forms that they use. Please look up your specific county for any other forms that are county-specific.
  6. Make copies of all documents! Don’t forget to write your name, number, and address at the bottom of every form.
  7. File your petition. Visit your local county clerk’s office to do so in person. Or, use the FL e-Filing Portal.
  8. Complete your fingerprint-based background check with Biometric Impressions Corp. See our locations or call us.
  9. Look up your county’s hearing process, they differ by location.
  10. Bring a photo ID and copies of all documents that you filed with the county clerk to your court hearing.
  11. Attend your hearing (Good luck!).
    1. Be sure to get at least 5 copies of the judge’s signed order once they’ve granted your name change. This will make changing your other forms of identification much easier.