FL healthcare

Nurses (RN/LPN):

The Florida Department of Health requires that licensed and registered professional nurses undergo fingerprint-based background checks in order to begin work. If you fall under this category, we appreciate your invaluable efforts to improving our collective health. Since there are numerous exam and renewal application codes, please call our office to verify the exact one you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA):

Are you thinking of becoming a nurse, but looking for more experience beforehand? Working with the Florida Department of Health as a certified nursing assistant is the perfect way to “learn the ropes” under the supervision of registered or licensed practical nurses. Before doing so, applicants to the Board of Nursing must complete a fingerprint-based background check. Relevant prerequisites, process, and application status can be viewed here. As a trusted FL live scan vendor, Biometric Impressions Corp. will be there for you when you apply to become a CNA, and be there for you when you transition into a RN or LPN role. Call our office today if you have questions.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP):

Looking to continue your RN or LPN education? Advancements in the field as clinical nurse specialist or advanced registered nurse practitioner are available in Florida. However, just as is required to be a RN, LPN, or CNA with the FL Board of Nursing, all applicants must pass a Level-2 background check. If you worked with our company in the past to earn your nursing license, then you know how easy and accurate the process with Biometric Impressions Corp. is! If you don’t already have our number saved, you will find it here.

Board of Medicine, Doctors/Assistants:

As diverse as the numerous medical professions that make up the Florida Board of Medicine is, all members are subject to a fingerprint-based background check. Whether you are chiropractic, osteopathic, podiatric, or another type of physician, you can count on Biometric Impressions Corp. to provide fast and accurate fingerprint services. Call us today!

Massage Therapists/Acupuncture:

There are few things more relaxing than a massage or acupuncture session. There are also few things more stressful than waiting on a fingerprint-based background check to clear! At Biometric Impressions Corp., we foster a friendly, professional atmosphere that puts you at ease knowing your fingerprints are being handled with care. Find out more by calling our office!

Emergency Personnel:

From first-responders to paramedics, and everyone in between, we commend those who risk their lives every day to save others. As such, we want you to be in the field, not waiting for your fingerprint-based background check to clear. Biometric Impressions provides timely, efficient, and accurate live scan services, at just a call or click away. Get started by checking in with our office on the exact fingerprint you’ll need. Thank you for your service!

Pharmacists/Prescription Managers:

Both pharmacists and prescription managers handle medication. As with other important Florida Department of Health professions, name-based background checks will not suffice. A fingerprint-based background check must be completed in a timely manner. With our help, the hardest part of your application process will be choosing which of our locations to visit! Give us a call today to get started.

Anesthesiologists, Dentists, Dieticians, Hearing-aid Specialists, Optometrists, Orthodontists:

In Florida, the medical doctors who maintain each of our five senses must undergo a live scan background check before their practice is valid. Please call our office for more information on the exact nature of your fingerprint purpose code.

Clinical Lab Employees:

All personnel in Florida clinical labs must pass a Level-2, fingerprint-based background check. This includes nurse specialists, whose fingerprints must be filed under a separate purpose code from other employees. Please consult our office if you have questions or visit our website.

Physical Therapists/Athletic Trainers:

Given the fact that everyone’s physique is unique, different approaches to therapy and training must be used. While our fingerprints are unique in the same way, our approach to live scan services fits all! We make it easy to complete your Level-2 background check for Florida physical therapy and trainer licenses. Just give us a call, and we’ll be off to the races.

School Psychologists or Speech-Language Pathologists:

Are you passionate about helping students with special needs? The Florida Department of Health is happy to accommodate all school psychologists and pathologists who pass their Level-2, fingerprint-based background check. No need to raise your hand, pick up the phone, and we will speak with you right away.

Florida medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana, Department of Health

The landmark bill, the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014,” legalized medical marijuana use in the state of Florida. This bill allows patients and their caregivers access to their medication without being fingerprinted.

On the other hand, any “owners, managers, and employees of a dispensing organization [who] manufacture, possess, sell, deliver, distribute, dispense, and lawfully dispose of low-THC cannabis” are required to undergo fingerprint-based background checks (FL Health Committee Policy, 2014). To complete these “Level 2” background checks, members of marijuana dispensaries must visit a live scan fingerprint vendor. This is where Biometric Impressions Corp. can help you! As a trusted live scan vendor that works directly with FL Department of Law Enforcement, our office is conveniently located in-state

Do you live out of state but are looking for a place in the fast-growing medical marijuana market? Each of our offices is equipped to print fingerprints cards to mail to the FL Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You can also come to our Elmhurst, IL office to avoid the mail altogether and submit fingerprints electronically. Find out more about these services here.

Note: As of July 8th, 2015, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use is not accepting applications for new dispensing organizations in Florida. See their Application Process page for more information, applications, and Frequently Asked Questions.