The State of Illinois requires the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to conduct fingerprint-based background checks on all individuals living or working in a licensed childcare facility who may have unrestricted or unsupervised access to children in care. Individuals age 18 and over are subject to a series of background checks which include the Illinois Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System (CANTS) as well as the Illinois Sex Offender Registry (SOR). To go along with those two background checks, individuals will also receive a State and FBI fingerprint-based criminal history background check.

Biometric Impressions Corp. is the contracted fingerprint provider for all DCFS fingerprinting in Illinois. A DCFS account is already set up with Biometric Impressions which means the cost of fingerprinting is paid for by DCFS. There is NO cost to you! We offer convenient walk-in fingerprinting services throughout the whole State of Illinois.

Are you a school or an organization that is required to run DCFS background checks? Do you also run other types of fingerprint-based background checks? Biometric Impressions is licensed to process all types of background checks in Illinois. Make us your one-stop shop! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Let us help you navigate through the DCFS background check process. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain a valid DCFS Fingerprint Search Result letter from your employer or licensing representative.
  • Obtain and print out the DCFS Authorization Form for fingerprinting from your employer or licensing representative.
  • Complete all of the personal information on the DCFS form, then sign and date the form.
    • Forms differ based on the purpose of fingerprinting (adoption/ foster care, day care employees, licensed relative, non-licensed provider, etc.) Examples of this form include the 718-B, 718E, 717H, 718LE, 718 RL, 718C.
    • Be sure to include the DCFS provider number.
    • Day Care Home providers, members of the household, and day care center employees should return CFS 718-B’s to their licensing representative for review. If printing is necessary, they will be returned to you.
  • Find the closest Biometric Impressions fingerprinting location and its hours of operation by clicking here. No appointments necessary!
  • What to Bring: Bring the completed Search Result form, a valid, government-issued picture ID (such as a Driver’s License, State ID or Passport).
  • Your results will be sent electronically directly from the Illinois State Police to DCFS.
  • Price: The cost of fingerprinting is paid for by DCFS. There is NO cost to you!
  • For more information on background check requirements for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, click here.

Primary Accepted Forms of Photo Identification:

  • State-issued Driver’s License*
  • U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card
  • Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)
  • Uniformed Services Identification Card
  • Department of Defense Common Access Card
  • Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s)
  • USCIS – Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
  • USCIS – Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
  • Federal, state, or local government agency ID card with photograph
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  • Canadian driver’s license

*For those applicants without a Driver’s License, a State Identification Card (State ID) may be presented if the state’s Identification Card standards are the same as for the Driver’s License.

Secondary Accepted Forms of Identity:

In the absence of a primary identification, applicants may provide at least 2 secondary identification documents including:

  • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth
  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card
  • Native American Tribal document
  • Social Security Card
  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoption/Divorce
  • Marriage Certificate (Government Certificate Issued)
  • U.S. Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Draft record
  • School ID with photograph
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-560)
  • Replacement Certificate of Citizenship (N-561)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N-550)
  • Replacement Certificate of Naturalization (N-570)

When validating the authenticity of secondary identification documents and forms, the data and information may be supported by at least two of the following current documents:

  • Utility Bill (Address)
  • Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title
  • Paycheck Stub with Name/Address*
  • Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card
  • Spouse/Parent Affidavit

DCFS Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Process

This is only for out-of-state DCFS applicants. If you are physically in Illinois, please visit one of our locations.

DCFS licensing reps and case workers, please follow the instructions in your DCFS Policy Guide.

For the FD-258 card instructions for out-of-state DCFS applicants, please click here.