Cannabis cultivation
Photo credit: Releaf – Cannabis

Florida Hemp Cultivation

If you have a green thumb but are unsure how to start growing hemp in Florida, look no further! Biometric Impressions Corp. provides all the information from the Florida Department of Agriculture that you need to get started. Follow this helpful guide, complete a fingerprint background check with us, and you will be well on your way to successful cultivation!

As a crop subject to federal and state regulation, it is important to know hemp cultivation laws. This information can be found in bulk on the Florida Department of State website. Detailed codes of law, invasive species lists, and permits specifications are just a few of the helpful documents that they provide here.

For a broad overview of how to lawfully cultivate your hemp in Florida, see this checklist provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture. After reading the relevant legislation, be sure to create an account with their portal using a valid email address. The right-hand side of their homepage also lists regulations for hemp in food production, animal feed, and approved seeds/pesticides.

If you still have questions, the Florida Department of Agriculture conveniently lists FAQs and contact information for each department of hemp cultivation. Don’t forget to water!