Adam Walsh Act

Do you have a private K-12 School? Do you already have an Adam Walsh Act ORI (Originating Record Identifier) with the Illinois State Police? We are here to help! The Adam Walsh Act allows your private school to receive the most comprehensive criminal records background check that every public school is required to obtain for their faculty.

Receive State of Illinois and FBI criminal records directly to your Human Resources Department. You gain the peace of mind that no county was “overlooked” by your organization’s current method of background check. Don’t wait any longer! Secure your piece of mind! Let us show you how we have helped numerous schools throughout the State of Illinois.

National Child Protection

Do you have a business or organization, either public, private, for-profit, not-for-profit, or voluntary that provides care or care placement services? Are you a business or organization that licenses or certifies others to provide care or placement services? If so, your organization is able to receive the most comprehensive criminal records check completed in the United States under the National Child Protection and Volunteers for Children Act.

We can help you determine if your organization could qualify for this program at no cost and we can help you through the process. Once your organization is approved we can come to your facility or you can come to our numerous facilities throughout the State of Illinois. Don’t wait to protect the children your staff and volunteers are charged to protect. Make sure you are doing your part by not using anything less than the most comprehensive criminal records background check.

International Adoption

Thank you for making a difference in a child’s life!

Whether this is your first international adoption or not, the process can definitely be trying for parents.

We are here to help!! Each country can require a different level of background check as part of their adoption process. We can assist you and navigate you through that country’s processes as well as relay to you the questions you need to be asking.

School Bus

For any individual working for a public, private, religious school or nursery school and plans to transport school children grade 12 or below, a school bus permit is required. You will need your school bus permit if you are going to drive a yellow school bus or any other approved vehicle, owned or operated by a school or religious institution used for this purpose over a regularly scheduled route. BioMetric Impressions Corp has been providing services for all of these organizations, districts and private companies/institutions for years. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have regularly provided major cost savings against our competition. Our industry leading service allows us to visit your facility and fingerprint your bus operators many times without a minimum size. “Find Out Why We’re the Best.” Give us a call to learn more.

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Public School District

Many public school districts feel that they are saving their district money by sending all employees to their local region office for the districts fingerprinting needs. Unfortunately, many districts are finding that they have to send their employees back for repeated fingerprinting because of poor quality or FBI rejections. This additional cost is NOT saving the district money and is costing their employees additional time as well as effort. Why send your faculty to the Regional Office of Education when BioMetric Impressions can come to you? With multiple locations and the industry’s most consistent office hours, BioMetric Impressions is the right company for you.

We have a proven track record of cost savings!! Our staff of professionals stand by our work!!