Department of Education and/or Teacher Certification:

Teaching certification is made easy with help of BioMetric Impressions Corp. and our quick, affordable livescan fingerprinting services. As required by Florida law and Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)all applicants must have their fingerprints taken to process a completed criminal history check. 

 If you are in Florida, but are not looking for teaching certification in the state of Florida, Biometric Impressions Corp, is a trusted livescan vendor that provides FD-258 fingerprint cards. Once obtainedyou can send the approved FD-258 cards to other locations for processing in a specific state.   

Note: Under Florida statute (1012.56)all teaching certification recipients must renew said certification every 5 years with a criminal history verification through livescan fingerprinting.  

Speak with our BioMetric Impressions Corp. Account Managers today for more information on getting your fingerprints completed!