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Becoming a Real Estate Sales Associate or Real Estate Broker:

When it comes to the final steps in achieving your Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker license, look no further than BioMetric Impressions Corp. We are an accredited livescan vendor offering the exact fingerprinting services required by FL Statute 475.175 [1A]. Your fingerprints and subsequent background check are sent directly to the FDLE and FBI, alleviating any concerns about postage or correct addresses. Our services are equally fast and accurate, but we still support the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s recommendation to complete your fingerprint-based background check at least 5 days prior to submitting your license application.  

Note: Fingerprints will need to be renewed annually with your Real Estate licenses, as the livescan background checks are valid for only 12 months.  

Do you have other questions about the tasks prior to visiting us for fingerprinting services?

Find helpful resources about starting out as a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker here. 

Real Estate Appraisers:

The evergreen real-estate market in Florida provides multiple reasons for obtaining a valid Florida Real Estate Appraiser license. While there are many types of appraisers, all are required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to complete a fingerprint-based background check (FL Statute 475.165 [3]). At BioMetric Impressions Corporation, we offer convenient and speedy livescan fingerprinting services that submit your required fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI in as few as 2-5 days. This step comes just before submitting your Florida Real Estate Appraiser application, making it critical to complete your fingerprints at one of our Florida locations at least 5 days beforehand.  

If you have questions about types of Florida Real Estate Appraisers licenses, click here. 

If you have already begun the initial process of obtaining your Florida Real Estate Appraisers license, you can register for Real Estate Appraisal Board Classes, here. 

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Pari-Mutuel Slots and Wagering 

Although it may not be as exciting as winning big at the casino, it is important to be thorough when completing Florida Pari-Mutuel Slots and Wagering Licenses. For those looking for employment at casinos, it is mandatory to complete the correct permit application type, pay fees, and undergo state and federal level background checks.  

There are 4 types of Pari-Mutuel Wagering licenses: RacingCardroomsCombos, and Slots. Each link will direct you to helpful guides about the types of licenses. Since every one of these factions is overseen by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, it is recommended that applicants direct any specific questions to their general, pari-mutuel information directory. 

Pari-Mutuel Slots is the most expansive Florida Wagering license, making it imperative to verify which application should be completed before beginning any of them. All forms offered by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation can be found here. Each entry contains the current version of Pari-Mutuel Slots applications and supplemental resources. 

Along with the applications comes fingerprint-based background checks. This is where BioMetric Impressions Corp. comes to your side. We are one of the most trusted livescan fingerprint vendors in the Midwest and have brought the same level of quality service to Florida. Working with us will not only allow you to rest assured that your fingerprints will be accurate and timely, but also that they will go to the right departments at state and federal levels. Why hesitate on starting your Florida Pari-Mutuel Slots or Wagering License?  

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