IL ID Offender Biometric ImpressionsHave you called a company to come to your facility and they did not treat your residents with the care and respect that he/she deserves? Are you paying to much to have a fingerprint vendor to come to your facility and they charge you different set-up fees depending on where you need your resident to be fingerprinted? Are you finding that your vendor is not helping you comply with your 72-hour window? If you answered any of these questions with a “yes” then you need to contact BioMetric Impressions.

We pride ourselves on treating every resident with dignity and respect. When you put that together with the lowest prices you cannot go wrong. We provide fingerprinting for multi-hits and the Identified Offenders Program. We have established prices that have not change since the establishment of the Identified Offenders Program and we look forward to having your business.

Do you have your Identified Offender Checklist from the Department of Public Health?

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