With Halloween here, there is no shortage of scary stories claiming to be true but this one came directly from one of us at Biometric Impressions and has us all spooked!

If you’re from Illinois you’ve undoubtedly heard of the story of Bloody Gulch Road near Rockford. The story goes that a school bus carrying children was driving along the road and failed to see a sharp curve. The bus crashed near a bridge and since then if you drive under the bridge and park at night small hand prints will appear on your windows.

“My friend and I, curious to see if the legend was true, decided to see for ourselves. We were too scared to go at night but our reasoning was that ghosts didn’t care about stuff like that, so we might see something. As we started down the road I told my friend to pull over because I saw something strange by the edge of the woods. As we got out I approached a white line of something on the ground. We were both terrified to find a mile-long line of animal bones perfectly straight leading into the woods. There must have been hundreds of bones lined up arrow straight leading like a road into the forest. As soon as we were about to follow it a police officer pulled up to our vehicle parked a little ways away. We walked back to the cop and told him what we found and how strange it was. He said that he would take a look and to please return to our vehicle. As we left I looked in the mirror and the officer walked to the bones and very quickly got in his vehicle burning out on the gravel as he sped away. Apparently too scared of the area to stick around. Since then I’ve never forgotten the eerie feeling of that place and haven’t been back since.”

Tell us your scary stories we want to hear them!