Florida Nursing Board BioMetric Impressions Fingerprinting services                                                                                                                    Florida Nursing Board BioMetric Impressions Fingerprinting Services 1

Are you a non-Florida resident and want/need to get your fingerprints done for your Florida Nursing License? We can help you out!

The steps might be a little confusing and overwhelming but let BioMetric Impressions make it easy for you. Since live scan fingerprinting companies in one state cannot talk to other live scan fingerprinting companies in other states, you will need to submit fingerprint cards. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Come to one of our locations
  • You can contact the Florida Board of Nursing and ask them to send you 2 FD-258 Cards since you are an out of state applicant. This might take a while.
  • If you do not want to wait for the cards, don’t worry, we have the cards as well! Come in and ask us for 2 FD-258 Cards
  • You won’t get printed with ink!! You will actually get printed on our live scan machine and then we will print your fingerprints onto the FD-258 cards using our FBI card scanning printer. 
  • Once you verify your information on the cards, we will sign them
  • If you were provided with the ORI for the Florida Board of Nursing, you will need to write it on the card itself (we can show you)
  • Once you have the cards, you CANNOT bend or fold them
  • You will then need to do some research and find a live scan fingerprinting company in Florida that has “card scanning capability”. Please click here to see all of the fingerprinting companies in Florida
  • You can also contact the nursing board and ask them if they have a specific company they use or if they have any suggestions on companies down there
  • Make sure you call the live scan company and find out if they have a fee, gather their address and if you should put “Attn to:” on the envelope
  • You will want to send it with a tracking number as well as inside of a hard envelope. This way the cards are protected and do not become damaged during shipping

Please feel free to check out the link below for more information. The link is from the Florida Board of Nursing itself

For more questions, please call us @ (630) 532-5922 or email us at [email protected]

Florida Board of Nursing – Fingerprinting Process