Mobile Fingerprinting BioMetric ImpressionsBioMetric Impressions is one of the very few Illinois live-scan fingerprint vendors that provide mobile fingerprinting services to everyone.

How? We have continued to stay on the cutting edge of live-scan fingerprinting technological advancements. We use the latest technology that is completely portable and efficient. We can come to your facility or location whenever you need us to. Do you know someone that is not able to come to one of our numerous locations? We can come to them, just make sure you give us a notice 3-5 days in advance.

When you choose a company to meet your individual or facility needs, there is little room for logistical error and you don’t want a company that won’t come to you because, “Your group is too small!”. No matter how big or small, BioMetric Impressions will offer its mobile fingerprinting services to you. Our mobile fingerprinting services are top of the line and we won’t be out done by anyone. Call us today and find out for yourself!