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If you’re a Taxi Cab company or you provide Private Chauffeur services in or around the City of Chicago, we have some great news for you! BioMetric Impressions is now the proud Public Chauffeur fingerprint vendor in the City of Chicago! We provide live scan fingerprinting services at all of our offices. Whether you need to be fingerprinted to be a taxi driver, private chauffeur or even to operate a pedicab, we are the place for you.

Do you provide livery or even horse drawn carriage services? BioMetric Impressions is also the place for you!

At BioMetric Impressions, we pride ourselves on providing on-site fingerprinting services. Do you have a training class with a group of aspiring drivers? Please gives us a call and tell us when, how big the class is and where the class will take place.

We are extremely excited about this announcement and we hope you are as well. Please give us a call today to make your appointment and find out why BioMetric Impressions is the best fingerprinting service for you.