fd258 front BioMetric ImpressionsMany individuals are confused about the out of state live-scan process and how to get licensed in another State when you are in Illinois. If you are not physically within a State to perform live-scan fingerprinting, most States require that you send fingerprint cards (FD 258 Fingerprint Cards) to the licensing agency or a live-scan vendor within their State because no live-scan fingerprint vendor can transmit to another State. Here at BioMetric Impressions, we make the process simple for you. Contact the State that you are attempting to be licensed in and make sure that they use the standard FD 258 fingerprint cards. Once your answer is “Yes,” contact us and we will help you finish the process. Some States require that you use their own fingerprint cards but don’t worry,  we can help you with that as well. Once you receive your cards, contact us and we will help you finish the process. 

What else can you use your fingerprint cards for? Well that depends, do you want to have your fingerprint cards for that unforeseen emergency or for identification purposes? BioMetric Impressions is here to help!! Many customers like to keep a copy of their fingerprints for identification purposes. When you use our service, we have the ability to print your fingerprints on a standard FBI fingerprint card (FD 258 Fingerprint Cards) for a minimal fee. In an unforeseen chance that there is a catastrophic event that your identification is required, you can keep these fingerprint cards for your records. 

When it comes to getting the best service for fingerprint cards in Illinois, we won’t be outdone by anyone. No matter the reason for the FD 258 Fingerprint Cards, BioMetric Impressions is here to help you. We have the capability to do live-scan fd258 cards in illinois BioMetric Impressionsfingerprinting for FD 258 Cards in all of our offices throughout Illinois. If you have the cards with you and would like them right away, our Elmhurst, Chicago or Aurora office will be the best offices for you to go to.  

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