concealed carry live scan fingerprinting ccwGetting your Concealed Carry License is now that much easier with BioMetric Impressions!

The first step will be going to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau website. Once you are there, you will need to sign up for a digital ID which is also known as a Username and Password. 

Once you have your digital ID, you can begin your application. For the first part of the process you will need your driver’s license number as well as your FOID (Firearm Owners ID) card number.

In addition to that, you must also submit your addresses for the last 10 years, firearm training information (signed by you and the instructor), a passport photo, and proof that you’ve been fingerprinted at an approved fingerprint vendor. You’ll also have to answer questions about your criminal history. At the end, Illinois will also charge you for applying for your license and that fee is $153.53. You will need to include your credit card information in order to pay. 

At BioMetric Impressions we can do the whole application for you along with your fingerprints and the passport photo. All of this can be done at either of our locations, just give us a call and tell us which office you would like to visit.

If you have any questions, please give us a buzz and see why BioMetric Impressions is at the top when it comes to customer service and fingerprinting services.