Rockford fingerprinting from biometric impressions

rockford live scan fingerprints

BioMetric Impressions is happy to announce that we have begun to provide Fingerprinting Services in Rockford, IL!!

Do you need to get fingerprinted for your: RN/LPN license, PERC card, Medical Marijuana License, Physical Therapy License, Clinical Clearance, Healthcare Worker Registry, Driver Training Instructor or something entirely different in Rockford? We are pleased to announce that BioMetric Impressions is now providing fingerprinting services in Rockford and Winnebago County!! We will provide Rockford with the same accurate fingerprinting method we use elsewhere in a fast and affordable way. When it comes to your fingerprinting services in Rockford, we will not be outdone. We have expanded hours and flexibility to meet your fingerprinting needs.  

To find out our office times, please feel free to check out the following website – or give us a call today and make your appointment.