Florida beach

As a state with some of the most pleasant weather in America, it is no surprise that many people decide to do business in Florida. Typically, the first step to starting a job or company in Florida is completing a fingerprint-based background check. For those living outside of Florida, this may sound difficult to accomplish. Thanks to our newest service, Biometric Impressions Corp. is confident that choosing which beach you visit will be the hardest part of your move.

Introducing: Florida Electronic Filing.

What does this mean for you? No more standing in line at USPS or searching your tracking number as your fingerprint cards make their long journey to Florida. With Florida Electronic Filing, we significantly shorten the wait time for your Florida background check.

Since Florida hosts numerous industries (real estate, brokerage, security, hemp cultivation, and more), the requirements for live scan fingerprinting vary. Please call us to confirm that fingerprints are required prior to starting your live scan fingerprinting process. We’re always happy to help!

If You Live Near Elmhurst, IL:

At our flagship office in Elmhurst, IL we are fully equipped to electronically submit fingerprints to the Florida regulatory department that is requesting them. This is currently our only office that can perform this service. Please see our locations for updated hours, or give us a call.

If You Do NOT Live Near Elmhurst, IL:

No problem! This is where our newest service comes in handy! Every fingerprint technician at our company is trained to complete fingerprint cards. If we do not have a location near you, please visit your local law enforcement agency or fingerprint vendor. Once fingerprinted, please see our Florida Card Scanning page for more details. You can easily mail your FD-258 card and OOS-FP form to our Elmhurst, IL office. At this location, we have equipment that can electronically scan your fingerprint card to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for your specific license.

If You Still Need Time to Think:

Follow our Jacksonville, Florida office Facebook page! We list current office hours, service updates, and can be reached instantly via Messenger.