Memorial Day 2017 - Office Hours

officehours 2017 BioMetric Impressions

Important News: All of our offices will be closed this upcoming Monday, May 29th, due to the holiday. If you need to take care of your fingerprinting needs before the BBQ's start, please feel free to check out our Elmhurst, Chicago, Plano and Rockford locations today! For today's hours as well as our weekend hours, please give us a call.


BioMetric Impressions - Night Nation 5K Run 2017

We had a blast at the Chicago Night Nation 5K Run. We had a great time with everyone. What a great concept for a 5K especially since it involves Stand Up to Cancer! We will definitely be participating again next year when it returns to Chicago. Check out below to see how much fun we had. Also, feel free to check out our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

BioMetric Impressions - Night Nation Run Video 1

BioMetric Impressions - Night Nation Run Video 2

BioMetric Impressions - Night Nation Run Video 3

   BioMetric Impressions Corp Night Nation Run 5K PrintorSprint


Happy Mother's Day 2017

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! Although we should celebrate them every day, let's celebrate them even more today

BioMetric Impressions Mothers Day 2017

Chicago, Then & Now - Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Here's a then & now picture of the famous spot were the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occurred on February 14,1929. This event led to the creation of the Bureau of Identification. With the help of fingerprints, the CPD was able to identify six of the victims as members of the O'Banion gang. Photos were taken from "Chicago Then and Now" by Author Elizabeth McNulty (pages 108-109)

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BioMetric Impressions fingerprinting Chicago then now


Chicago then now 1